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Mygiftcert.com is the easy way for businesses to sell gift certificates to their customers on the web.  
You can offer gift certificates on your own custom webpage and enjoy a new revenue stream in your business…selling gift certificates online!
Let’s take the mystery out of getting your own gift certificate solution.
How Does It Work?

We’ve built a gift certificate processing solution that includes proven sales forms accompanied by back-end functions like custom email notifications and credit card payment processing. You’ll get a custom landing page with a gift certificate order form that your website visitors complete on line.  When they buy a gift certificate using a credit card, you get an email letting you know and the customer gets an email confirming their gift certificate purchase

How Does My Customer Get Their Gift Certificate?

Mygiftcert.com is flexible in its delivery options.  If your business has physical gift certificates, Mygiftcert.com will help you sell more of them!  Your purchaser can request that you send the gift certificate by mail to them or the recipient of their choice.  Or the purchaser can choose to come to your business to pick up their gift certificate.  The purchaser's delivery instructions are included in the confirmation email you'll receive as soon as they buy a gift certificate.

If you don't have physical gift certificates in your business, we've got you covered!  Mygiftcert.com can send the gift certificate via email to the purchaser or their designated recipient.  Gift Certificates sent via email have a unique ID number so you can match the certificate to the purchased amount.  And there's room for a personal gift message too on the confirming email.

What's Included On My New Website?

You’ll get your own website to sell your gift certificates.  We’ll customize your order form so it fits with your products and services and your gift certificate delivery options.  Now for the fun part — if you want (and it’s totally optional), we’ll build a custom one-page website with sections about your products/services, about you and your business, a contact form, your social media links and - of course - your gift certificate order form.

What About My New Website Address?
Your website address will be a subdomain of Mygiftcert.com:  you will select your name (subject to Mygiftcert.com approval) and your website address will be .mygiftcert.com.  If your business is Best Shop, your webpage could be https://bestshop.mygiftcert.com.  
How Do I Get Paid When Someone Buys A Gift Certificate?

We process the gift certificate purchase transactions through Stripe, the industry leader in online payment processing (read more about them here).  You connect your bank account with Stripe — we’ll give you easy to follow instructions to do that — so your information is private; we never know your financial information. When someone buys a gift certificate on your webpage, Stripe transfers the money (less their fees) to your bank in two days.  We’re never involved in the financial transaction; that’s between you and your customer. All gift certificate revenue is yours as are all credit card fees, chargebacks and other processing costs.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Mygiftcert.com Website?
Your mygiftcert.com landing page is a low, budget friendly $140 a month.  You’ll get a custom one-page, mobile-friendly website, reliable premium hosting, security and uptime monitoring, website content updates, email-based support and a brand new revenue stream.  Oh yeah — and we don’t take a piece of what you sell.  The proceeds from your gift certificate sales are yours; you only pay us the $140 monthly fee.
How Long Does It Take To Get My New Website Up?
When you sign up for Mygiftcert.com, you’ll give us all the information we need. Once you send us your information, your one-page website will be up and running within 2 weeks.  
How Do I Get Customers To Visit My Mygiftcert.com Website?

You can think about your mygiftcert.com website as another way your customers and prospects can find you on the internet.  We suggest you add links to your mygiftcert.com site on your own website, your Facebook business and personal pages and your LinkedIn pages and include it in your promotional activities throughout the year.  Promote your gift certificates as gifts around holiday times. You get the idea...we're sure you've got some good ideas too!

OK. It Sounds Good. How Do I Sign Up?

We’ve created a simple, effective online registration process that gives us everything we need to build your new website. At a minimum, you’ll tell us about the gift certificates you want to sell on your website. If you want to start with additional website sections like About Us and a listing of your Products and Services, you'll provide us with that information too. Completing the Sign Up form gets us the information and content we need so we can build your new site and have it live on the internet in 2 weeks.

When you submit your form with your gift certificate information and, optionally, your website content, you’ll pay a $140 startup fee with your credit card.  Every 30 days after that, we'll charge your credit card automatically for the monthly fee of $140.
Can I Add To Or Change The Content On My Website?

Absolutely! Send your requested changes to us via our Support Portal at https://support.mygiftcert.com and we'll get right on it. And if you started with a gift certificate section only and want to add an About Us section, for example, you can do that on the Support Portal too.  

What Do I Do If There Is A Problem Or I Have A Question About My Website?
We've set up a Support Portal to make it easy to contact us if you have a question or there is a problem your Mygiftcert.com website.  Tell us what's going on by submitting a support ticket and you'll hear back from us the same day (or the next business day, if you're contacting us outside of normal NY business hours).
How Do I Cancel My Mygiftcert.com Account?
We hope you never want to leave Mygiftcert.com but if you do, send us an email or send us a message on the Support Portal that you want to end your relationship and we'll cancel your subscription, effective at the end of your current month.  When your subscription expires, we'll remove your website from our servers.   
What If I Have A Website And I Want To Sell Gift Certificates On Mygiftcerts.com too?

That's a great idea.  If you have a website, you can also have your own one-page website with a gift certificate order form with Mygiftcert.com.  Include a link to your mygiftcert.com site on your current website so your website visitors can buy your gift certificates.  And we can include a link back to your full website from your Mygiftcert.com site. 

By the way, if you want to explore adding our gift certificate function directly to your existing site, please contact us about our custom website services.